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County Origins of Specified Units


by Kirby Ross


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     Few if any of the many types of militia that existed in Missouri are as misunderstood and mis-categorized as this organization.  The Provisional Enrolled Militia was formed in mid-1864 and was made up of 62 independent companies (56 of which are identified below).  Because of its name, the Provisional Enrolled Militia is often confused as being a part of the Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia, but there was absolutely no connection between the two.

     The Provisional Companies were formed by county committees that handpicked the men that joined the ranks.  As they were formed, the primary duty of these units was to maintain law and order in their localities.


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1. Home Guard 1861

2. Six-Month Militia 1861

3. Missouri State Militia 1861-1865

4.Enrolled Missouri Militia 1862-1865

5. Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia 1863-1865

6. Provisional Enrolled Militia (G.O. #107) 1864-1865

7. Missouri Militia (G.O. #3) 1865

8. Missouri Militia (State Convention) 1865-late 19th century


Adair County Capt. Hiram B. Foster Aug. 1864  
Andrew County Capt. John B. Majors       ??  
Caldwell County Capt. W.F. Tilson Sept. 1864  
Camden County Capt. Henry G. Bollinger Sept. 1864  
Camden County Capt. Sayles Brown       ??  
Carroll County Capt. Daniel Hoover Dec. 1864  
Clark County Capt. D.A. Day Nov. 1864  
Clay County Capt. Wm. G. Garth Aug. 1864  
Cole County Capt. Andrew J. Green Sept. 1864 While serving as captain in the Cole County Provisional Enrolled Militia, Andrew Green was also serving as lieutenant colonel in the 42nd Enrolled Missouri Militia.
Cooper County Capt. H. Shoemaker Aug. 1864  
Cooper County Capt. R.B. Newman       ??  
Crawford County Capt. W.H. Ferguson Aug. 1864  
Crawford County     See Phelps county
Dallas County Capt. Noah Bray Aug. 1864  
DeKalb County Capt. John Pinger Aug. 1864  
Franklin County Capt. Lucius C. Frazer Sept. 1864  
Franklin County Capt. Andrew Fink Sept. 1864  
Franklin County Capt. Frederick Steines Sept. 1864  
Franklin County Capt. Elias Boyd Oct. 1864 Organized by refugees.
Franklin County Capt. B.E. Anderson Jan. 1865  
Gentry County Capt. James Castor July 1864  
Gentry County Capt. John F. Mason July 1864  
Grundy County Capt. George A. Spickard July 1864  
Grundy County Capt. E.L. Winters      ??  
Hickory County 1st Lt. Wm. L. McCaslen Jan. 1865  
Iron County Capt. Morgan Mace      ?? Also included troops from Madison County and probably from Wayne County
Laclede County Capt. D.A.W. Morehouse Sept. 1864  
Lafayette County Capt. George W. Bingham      ?? Also included troops from Saline County
Lincoln County Capt. Dedrick Wehde Oct. 1864  
Linn County Capt. Robert W. Holland Aug. 1864 Also included troops from Macon County
Macon County Capt. Isaac P. Rallston Sept. 1864  
Macon County     Troops from this county also combined with men from Linn County to fill out Capt. Holland's company (see above)
Maries County Capt. Samuel Parpam Aug. 1864  
Miller County Capt. John Long Aug. 1864  
Miller County Capt. Thos. J. Babcoke Jan. 1865  
Moniteau County Capt. A.B. Hale Sept. 1864  
Moniteau County Capt. J.F. Hume Sept. 1864 While serving as captain in the Moniteau County Provisonal Enrolled Militia, J.F. Hume was also serving as major in the 43rd Enrolled Missouri Militia.
Moniteau County Capt. John R. Legg Sept. 1864  
Moniteau County Capt. Henry Pwiehaus Sept. 1864  
Moniteau County Capt. E.P. Renshaw Sept. 1864  
Monroe County Capt. E.G.B. McNutt Dec. 1864  
Monroe County Capt. Lewis P. Corrothers       ?? Also included troops from Shelby County
Montgomery County Capt. John Kendrick July 1864  
Morgan County Capt. A.J. Hart       ??  
Osage County Capt. Adam Miller Aug. 1864 While serving as captain in the Osage County Provisonal Enrolled Militia, Adam Miller was also serving as lieutenant colonel in the 28th Enrolled Missouri Militia.
Phelps County (?) Capt. Abraham Johnson       ?? The specific county this company originated in is uncertain.  Capt. Johnson's Provisonal Enrolled Militia Company was detailed from the 63rd Enrolled Missouri Militia, which consisted of men from Phelps, Crawford and Pulaski counties. Johnson's PEM company came from one of those counties, or a combination of them.
Platte County Capt. Edward Schelsky Aug. 1864  
Pulaski County     See Phelps county
Ralls County Capt. John F. McNeil Oct. 1864  
Ralls County Capt. John A. Lennon Nov. 1864  
Randolph County Capt. Charles F. Mayo Sept. 1864  
Ray County Capt. Martin T. Real       ??  
St. Charles County Capt. F.W. Gatzweller Sept. 1864  
Saline County     See Lafayette county
Shelby County     See Monroe County
Scotland County Capt. John l. Morris       ??  
Stone County Capt. George E. Gaddy Sept. 1864  
Sullivan County Capt. Henry D. Johnson       ??  
Washington County Capt. J.A.G. Palmer Aug. 1864  
Washington County Capt. A.J. Harris Sept. 1864  
Washington County Capt. John A. Harris       ??  
     Source:  Annual Report of the Adjutant General of Missouri for the Year Ending December 31, 1865 (Jefferson City, Mo.: Emory S. Foster, Public Printer, 1866), pp. 629-632      


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